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my tang community

Post by patph » Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:42 am

hi pam i just want to ask if my community tanganiyikan cichlids will be at a good condition in a long run, currently i have a 100g tanks and i have juvies fishes 6 burundi frontosa 4 tropeus duboisi 4 dickfeldi and 2 brichardi, do those fish will do well in that community? i still have a spare 100gallon tank and im thinking of putting the frontosa there when they get bigger.

last thing =) whats fishes/tanganyikans can i add on my current tanks setup?

thanks alot from philippines!

Pam Chin
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Re: my tang community

Post by Pam Chin » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:54 pm

Hi patph,

Sometimes you feel like your tank is empty with smaller fish, but just wait they will get bigger!

I think you need to consider increasing the numbers on the fish you have already. Consider that these fish especially the frontosa and Tropheus are really group fish, and do much better in bigger groups. I would keep a minimum of 12 Tropheus, with a group of four, you will end up with one. Frontosa it is not quite a critical, but 5 - 7 is a good number.

On the brichardi and Julies you are fine. I think it would be best if you eventually move the frontosa to one tank and keep the Tropehus in the other. Once the frontosa get larger they are going to eat anything smaller, and so a species only tank is probably the way to go with them.

Tankmates are a debate, it depends on your goals, if you want to breed these fish, tank mates are not going to work out as they will eat the fry. If you are not interested in breeding then, there are many other lamp/julie/chalinochromis types that you could consider.

Raising your fish up from juveniles is the most fun!
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