Bi-Color Behavior

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Bi-Color Behavior

Post by Bevo5 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi Pam,

I recently added a large bi-color to my hap/peacock 180g. I added him and one other large peacock at the same time - I wish I could have added more but that's how it goes. Anyway, I have 22 other large fish in there already. I had him in a quarantine tank for a week beforehand.

So....the first week the bi-color was a bit shy but ate and acted normal. He's pretty awesome looking. But he was being chased around by a few of the fish. Well, he kind of started hanging out near the surface but would perk up and swim around with fins flared whenever I walked up.

Now, he has eaten very little in the past 3 days. He comes in with the other fish but when the food hits and the others go nuts he darts away. He'll grab a pellet if it comes by him but that's rare.

I don't think it's bloat....but I am a bit concerned about him. I don't want him to be stressed to the point where he does develop an illness that could spread.

I have a 20g hospital tank. Would it be a good idea to go ahead and move him? Or just let him go a few more days and see if he can adjust? He's got great color and doesn't necessarily hide by himself...just kind of swims near the surface and doesn't seem to want to fight for food.

No heavy breathing, no loss of color.


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Re: Bi-Color Behavior

Post by Pam Chin » Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:23 pm


Oh darn it that is frustrating. But once you have a fish on the surface of the tank it is unlikely he is going to make it with your group. I would definitely move him and fatten him back up and trade him in. This is stress, it isn't always physical abuse, but it mental as well. The other established fish won't let him down to claim any territory or food. This is why it is always better to add more then just one or two fish at a time, he just got singled out.

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