help with id cont.

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help with id cont.

Post by Glen » Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:31 pm


So I was able to edit the images and attach them. The light blue one with stripes, maybe a kenyi? The other one is the one that I am really wondering about. I cannot find anything that looks like him, I know he is a juvenile and that with maturation comes better coloring and what not, but I am hoping to be able to find out what he is. He has a stripe pattern on his face similar to the other one, with some blue hue, but he also has a blue/purple hue on parts of his body.

Sorry that I don't have an easier one for you, and thanks for your help again, whatever you are able to offer.

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Re: help with id cont.

Post by Pam Chin » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:51 pm

Hi Glen,

I think it does look like the blue and black one is Metricaclima lombardoi AKA kenyi. This mbuna is sexually dimorphic, that means when they are sexually mature, the males turn yellow with black stripes. Juviniles and females retain the blue and black coloration. I am not sure what you have with the darker fish. I can't really tell there is a solid horizontal stripe or whether it is broken and more of spots. There are several canidates.... It kinda of looks like some kind of Pseudotropheus sp. elongatus? Or perhaps a Melanochromis auratus

HEre is a list of many of the different possiblilites, maybe you can match up to a picture ... ?genus=167

Here are some more possibilities ... ?genus=122

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