foai and furcifer

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foai and furcifer

Post by dctace » Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:01 pm

hi pam,i am a advanced hobbyist as i have approx 1800 gallons of various tanganykins, currantly i have 4 types of foai and furcifer and am planning on adding at least 2 more.i also keep 3 forms of ventrallis and nasutu and 10 color varients of you can see i am certifiable.
anyway i am having a hard time finding accurate descriptions and pictures of the various color forms of foai and furcifer.can you direct me to any web sites that have a coprehensive list of the various types,hopefully the site will have multiple pictures to make id easier.thanks frustrated in phoenix.

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Re: foai and furcifer

Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:17 pm

Hi dctace,

Unfortunately I don't know of any site or book that has all the variants. Its a compound issue, Konings hasn't produced a new Tanganyikan book now for 10 years, no one wants to buy books anymore. While the Zambian part of the lake is covered fairly well in print, the Congo side, the North and the North east side of the lake have had very limited exploring, collecting and exporting. The other issue are photo's, people obsess about finding the same fish they have an old photo of, it can be difficult to tell many of these variants apart. Thats why it is important to find reliable sources, even if they can only pass along what they have been told. And with some of these fish, the true collection site is never known. And last but not least; feather fins are not as popular so there isn't as much written about them.

The best source of course is, you will need to join to access the data base/gallery and if you are half the cichlidiot you claim to be you will find it well worth it! Its a great source for info!

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