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Updated on 2016-mar-12.

Since 1996, the Cichlid Room Companion has, and continues to, provide a constantly increasing amount of quality information about cichlids supplied by top experts and skilled aquarists, photographers and writers. Day after day, the traffic of requested material has been steadily increasing, adding up to millions of files and hundreds of gigabytes of valuable information served every month. The Cichlid Room Companion's goal is to provide quality information, images and videos for all cichlid species. Presently the site is being hosted by a top commercial Internet Service Provider, and hundreds of hours of development and new material are put into it every month. The amount of information about cichlids is endless, and we constantly need to search for different approaches to meet the goals of the Cichlid Room Companion.

Support the Cichlid Room Companion and benefit from its huge popularity! To pursue this site mission, we have devised a plan based on sponsorship and advertising, with many benefits to our supporters.

Sponsorship is customized for three different types of sponsors;

The price of sponsoring a cichlid species for a year term is $100.00 US for clubs and companies and $50.00 US for individuals, The available cichlid species to be sponsored are found in the Cichlid Room Companion cichlid catalogue, with a sign on the top of the page that indicates it is available for sponsorship. Payments can be done by PayPal through this page.

Advertisement comes in three different ways.

Discounts: Volume discounts are available.

Information: For more information or cost inquiries please contact us!. Payments and donations are received by means of PayPal.

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Sponsor now a species and pay with PayPal, the cost is $100.00 dollars a year for companies and clubs and $50.00 dollars for individuals. after payment is received, the webmaster will be in contact with you to work out your banner

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