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Synopsis of Lestradea Poll, 1943

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Last updated on 31-Oct-2005
Thomas Andersen, 2005

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Species treated in this document: Lestradea perspicax

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Type species: Lestradea perspicax Poll, 1943

Adult in aquarium

Lestradea perspicax male in the aquarium of Paolo Salvagiani; Italy. Photo by Paolo Salvagiani. Determiner Paolo Salvagiani.

Distinctive characters:

Species currently included:

Lestradea perspicax Poll, 1943

Type locality:

Rumonge, Burundi

Taxonomic history:



Link to Lestradea perspicax in the CRC Catalogue.

Lestradea stappersii (Poll, 1943)

Type locality:

Sambala in Kilewa Bay, DR Congo (former Zaire)

Taxonomic history:



Remarks on taxonomic status:

Lestradea was described by Max Poll in 1943 as a monotypical genus with L. perspicax as type species. On the same occasion he described Ophthalmotilapia stappersii, which he transferred to the genus Lestradea in 1951 as a subspecies of L. perspicax under the name L. perspicax stappersii. In 1986 Poll changed the taxonomic status again and gave L. perspicax stappersii the status as an independent species, L. stappersii.

In 1998 Ad Konings suggested that L. stappersii should be regarded as a junior synonym of L. perspicax, stating that the only big difference between the two lay in the structure of the teeth (Konings 1998). This has recently been rejected by Koblmüller, Salzburger & Sturmbauer in their molecular analyses of the Ectodini tribe. Their work have shown that Lestradea stappersii may in fact be a valid taxa and that the genus Lestradea is paraphyletic and therefore in need of a taxonomic revision (Koblmüller et al. 2004) – this topic will be addressed in a separate paper.

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