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The generic assignment of 'Cichlasoma' salvini

Von , 2007.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 20-Jan-2007
Michi Tobler, 2005

Arten in diesem Artikel behandelt: exCichlasoma salvini

'C.' salvini (described as Heros salvini Günther, 1862) is a very distinct looking fish occuring on the Atlantic slope from southern México to Guatemala and Belize. Only few ideas on the generic assignment of this species were so far published. Even molecular phylogenies revealed very contradictory results: Some of the 'C.' salvini samples come out as a basal lineage of the genus Thorichthys, some group with A. spilurus in very different branch of the phylogenetic tree (Hulsey, 2003). The paraphyly of 'C.' salvini could be due to problems in the methods (the sequences clustering with A. spilurus were gathered in a different lab).