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Tribe Ectodini

Synopsis of Cunningtonia Boulenger, 1906

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Thomas Andersen, 2005

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Specie trattati in questo articolo: Cunningtonia longiventralis

Get the full color PDF of this classic now out of print book!

Get the full color PDF of this classic now out of print book!

Type species: Cunningtonia longiventralis Boulenger, 1906

Male at Kachese

Cunningtonia longiventralis male at Kachese, Zambia. Photo by Ad Konings. Determiner Ad Konings

Distinctive characters:

Species currently included:

Cunningtonia longiventralis Boulenger, 1906

Type locality:

Niamkolo, Zambia



Link to Cunningtonia longiventralis in the CRC Catalogue.

Remarks on taxonomic status:

The molecular analyses of Koblmüller et al. (2004) showed that the mono-typic genus Cunningtonia form a subclade within the Ophthalmotilapia-clade, together with the genera Aulonocranus, Ectodus and Lestradea, and that Cunningtonia longiventralis may form a species-pair together with Aulonocranus dewindti. Cunningtonia differ primarily from the species in the genus Ophthalmotilapia by the presence of fine tricuspid teeth, tightly set in many rows forming a broad band on each jaw, like seen in species of the genus Petrochromis.



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