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Prognathochromis (Greenwood, 1980), a Genus review

Par , 2006.
Dernière mise à jour le 03-fév-2006
Greg Steeves, 2004

" The Prognathochomis genus is based on Pellegrin’s 1904 description of Paratilapia prognatha. Closely related to the Harpagochromis lineage, Prognathochromis species have a slender body. The snout is pointed with a noticeable premaxilla protuberance. Prognathochromis are slender carnivores (most are piscivorous) with large, slightly down turned mouths. The lower jaw extends past the upper giving the head a pointed "arrow" shape. When viewing the profile, the eye socket of Prognathochromis species is relatively even with the forehead slope. Teeth in the outer rows of larger fish (over 9cm) are stout and curved "

Espèces traitées dans cet article: Prognathochromis perrieri

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