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Xenotilapia sp. "lepeli" (Xenotilapia flavipinnis)

A cura di , 2005.
Ultimo aggiornamento in data 27-Feb-2013
Thomas Andersen, 2005

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Specie trattati in questo articolo: Xenotilapia flavipinnis

Adult in aquarium

Xenotilapia sp. “lepeli” in the aquarium of Denis Jeandel; France. Photo by Denis Jeandel.

Xenotilapia sp. “lepeli” was discovered in a shipment to the German wholesale company Mal-Ta-Vi, collected in the vicinity of Cape Tembwe on the Congolese coast. The overall shape of the body resembles X. flavipinnis, but there seem to be some differences: the body is slightly higher, while the head profile somewhat resemble X. papilio, and the flank of the fish is adorned with many mother-of-pearl colored spots.

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