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Xenotilapia sp. 'forked tail' (Xenotilapia bathyphila)

By , 2005.
Last updated on 24-Sep-2012
Thomas Andersen, 2005

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Species treated in this document: Xenotilapia bathyphilus

Female after capture

Xenotilapia sp. 'forked tail' female? - Photo by Bruno Dickmann

Xenotilapia sp. 'forked tail' was discovered by the German Bruno Dickmann during a journey to Lake Tanganyika in 1999, organized by the German exporter C.J. Aquarium. The locality where it was found was a small bay between Nkamba Bay and Kasaba Bay in Zambia, which is well-known for another reason; it’s the same locality where Tropheus moorii Ilangi is caught.

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