Are ALL FROZEN FISH FOODS good for Xeno. Spilopterus?

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Are ALL FROZEN FISH FOODS good for Xeno. Spilopterus?

Post by Bunthid Tumnontigoon » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:20 pm

Hello! Everyone :)

I just got 20 Xeno. Spilopterus, "Mabilibili" F1 from Germany about 5-7 cm. They are cute and pretty and I really love them very much. I am really crazy to any of any Tanganyika Sand-dweller cichlids, so I really want to make sure any foods I will feed them will be good for them, and don't make any problems for them. I really want all my Sand-dweller cichlids to be very heathy and happy.

Any FROZEN FOODS on the market will be good for my Xeno. Spilopterus such as BLOODWORMS, BRINE SHRIMP, MYSIS SHRIMP, OCEAN PLANKTON, AND Also BEEF HEART. WHICH ONE is the best for ALL Tanganyika Sand-dweller cichlids for coloration and growth, and WHICH ONE is the MOST DANGEROUS FROZEN FISH FOODS for them? Why? :?

If I feed them with STRONG COLORFUL FROZEN MARINE FISH FOODS, it will be good for my Xeno. Spilopterus? WHY? It seems marine FROZEN FISH FOODS will bring more colorful for my Sand-dweller cichlids than Freshwater FROZEN FISH FOODS. :?

Thank you so much. It will be greatly appreciated for any suggestions. I will wait for all responds.

Bunthid or Max :)

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