Hemichromis 'Fin Biters' in the wild?

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Hemichromis 'Fin Biters' in the wild?

Postby melanotheron » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:24 am

I was in a position to recieve small shipments of various 'Red Jewel' Hemichromis for many years. Both wild and tank raised. Generally young fish of one or two inches. I always found it amazing that they would eat the tails off of any fish kept with them. Up to and including the fastest mbuna. Generally within 24 hours. They were so efficient at it! It seemed like they were simply.... feeding. An agressive act, but not an act of agression. And I wonder if young 'red' hemichromis might regularly feed on fins in the wild? They never seemed to attack the fins of their own kind. And they seemed to (possibly) grow out of the behavior with maturity. Just curious if any one has thoughts on this? I believe Hemichromis are much more complex than they often get credit for! Thanks!

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