Need HELP with my sick Green Terror

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Need HELP with my sick Green Terror

by Gorzak » Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:07 am

Hi there
I have this 15 cm Green Terror (Andinoacara stalsberg).
Yesterday I noticed it had few white dots in his fins, so I isolated him, raised temp to 30 - 32 C degrees and added some salt... today he got worse so I added malachite green (1 drop of diluted solution per liter)...
Now I am not sure this is ICH... but what else this may be...
May be I just need more patiente... and my fish will be OK tomorrow.
Any expert advise will be very wellcome.
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Re: Need HELP with my sick Green Terror

by GuapoteChris » Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:44 pm

Hi, that is Ich. You need to be patient; it is good that you raised the temperature and added salt. This will sort out the problem, although you need to keep the temp high and water salty for at least 4 days after all symptoms have disappeared from the fish. This is because in the life cycle of ich, after they leave the fish they are free floating, folowed by settling on the tank bottom, so are still alive. It is at this time the treatment kills ich. It is also good you have a bare bottom tank, as there is no substrate for ich to settle in and be protected. Hope the fish recovers soon
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