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by rickisrad » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:50 pm

[b]Help I just had a 55 gallon tank full of my fish break. I need someone very caring to take the fish I saved asap. I have 1 large 12" common Pleco, 1 clown pleco, 1 ancestrius pleco, 1 8" long really skinny pleco, and 7 tetras and 2 small cory cats . I can not afford another tank and love these fish and would like them to go to a good home. Right now I have 15 fish in a SMALL 5 GALLON TANK TO TRY AND SAVE THEM.
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by Lisachromis » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:37 am

I'll post this in the OCA section as well....
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by PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:00 pm

go to your local pound shop (type thing, don't know if you have dollar shops over there...)

pick up a rubber-maid container, can easily get a 50g one, shouldn't be more than about $20 (if the prices are anything like the pound stores here) it'd make a fine temporary tank,

and keeping an eye on the local classifieds might get you another tank real cheap. otherwise have you considered fixing it (I just resealed a 100g 5 footer that had cracks in the base, I bought sheets of glass a tad smaller than the tank, and put them in, and silicone'd them in, leak test in 48 hours (found a slight leak, so plugged that,)
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by rickisrad » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:03 pm

Thanks, I was able to get a hold of a 47 gallon tank combo for under 200 dollars at a local corner pet shop. Holy crap did this make a mess when it broke, it was like something you see in the movies. I only lost 2 tetras so considering the circumstances, I can definately deal with that. The fish were ok in the 5 gallon for the time being. My common Pleco was a little upset at the cramped living quarters :( Thanks for the ideas
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