Water Quality and dead fish

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Water Quality and dead fish

Post by brack » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:23 am

I have two fish dead with different symptoms within one week. The first one is golden who stopped eating and died after spending a week in quarantine. It wasn't eating but looked not skiny and it was almost bursting about tree hours before death. Image

The next one is red zebra female, stopped eating and behaved as it was holding and next day I found it dead, no swallow stomach or anything like previous fish Image
Since there was no sign of bulliness in the tank, someone suggested that this may be water issue.
Here are Recent water Test Results:

1. the 3 last test result from Al test shows :

a. in microbiological sense : usable

b. in chemical sense: usable with remarks:

i. the remarks are: smell non, Phosphat 0,86 mg/l (0,6), Cloride 350 mg/l (100), Iron 1,9 mg/l (0,5)

Sodium 300 mg/l (100) – the figures in ( ) are national values.

c. Comments:

i. The amount of salt right now is 300 mg/l ( that is far less than what you put on your food)

ii. Then there is a test of Fe++ as there is 1,4 mg/l of it – in daily speaking iron which makes a red

settlement, and looks awful when not properly and often cleaned.

Nitrite and nitrates are in good level.
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