2011-08-12 - West African Spawns

by Brian Bolen (slimbolen99)
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2011-08-12 - West African Spawns

Postby slimbolen99 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:55 am

The last weeks have been pretty exciting down in the fish room. It's interesting how a weather front and a few good water changes can change the behavior of fish!

First off, noticed free swimming fry of the Nanochromis transvestitus. I knew they had spawned, but wasn't expecting this kind of success.

You can a few of the fry just above the mother there in this pic; the white specks.


N. transvestitus You Tube Vid

Secondly, this morning, noticed barely free swimming fry of what was sold to me as Congochromis sabinae "super red", but I've been told somewhere else that these may be Congochromis dimidiatus. I'm leaning towards the sabinae, but not entirely sure. Anyway, can't get a pic of the fry, they are way back in the corner of a clay flower pot, but I'm sure they'll come out soon for their time to shine.

Mommy guarding fry in clay flowerpot in a 10 gallon breeding setup

The happy couple before they were moved to a breeding setup.

Male before he chose a mate.

Two males squaring eachother up.

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