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new at this

Post by StGypsy7 » Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:29 am

I have a few questions I just got 4 blue ram a month ago they have had spawned eggs 3 times twice they have ate them the third time I took the eggs just because, my pearls were right by the eggs and would not move even when the ram would ram it. Then I have a baby gold barb that every time the guarding ram turned around he was trying to get to the eggs. Here comes the hard part that I get lost. How much light do I give them? when do I starting feeding them? some of the eggs are hatching so, I don't know if I'm suppose to start feeding today, and what. They are in a 20 gallon with sponge filter and heater that is set at 84. What I'm I suppose to be looking for in the tank . Are all the eggs suppose to be gone when they hatch? I can see what I think are baby fish, but only a couple and there is still a 50 cent piece size of eggs left. Any help would be good :? Thanks Tina

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Re: new at this

Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:44 pm

Hey Tina,

Way to congrats!!! You are going to need some type of fry food, if my recollection on Rams is correct, the fry are incredibly small. You should be able to buy a liquid fry food for egg layers, check your local fish store, if not try on line. You do not need to feed them until they start to swim, we call it free swimming. After the eggs hatch, it is usually a couple more days before they start to free swim, so you should have enough time. Raising fry is usally trial and error, so if these don't make it this time, keep practicing and you will get it right. Chances are you pair will spawn again. Freshly hatched baby brine is a really good food for fry also after they get a little bigger. There are also several prepared fry foods on the market that might work once they get some size on them. But the first food is going to be most critical.

There may be some eggs left that didn't hatch properly, but all and all the fry should be all at the same stage. First is the egg, then a wriggler, and once they free swim you can call them a fry! Light is probably not necessary except when you want to look in the tank.

Good Luck!
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